Playful design

Fun, vibrant, engaging

- health and well being iOS app


- Brand Identity, Logo Design,

Style guide, Imagery Guide,

Web Layout, App UI

- v1: 2018,v2: 2020

- macOS productivity App


Brand Identity, Logo Design, Web Layout

2023 - v1

Green Mining Dao - v2

Version 2 - A new Look

Aims to revolutionize the financial industry, but it's mission is to do it in a sustainable way.

After successfully raising funds for the pilot project it was time to scale the brand to include a broader market, this is our second iteration of the identity.

Watty Watty

Watty Watty, a Logic Energy Product, helps schools monitor your existing energy usage and assess renewable energy potential; keep a track of green energy production and educate and inform students, staff and school visitors.

- energy solutions, UK


- Identity, Logo Design, Style Tiles, Style Guide, App concept

- 2016