The Argonauts

Project Year


Business Size:

20+ Employees


The Argonauts create a space for conscious leaders to connect, share and grow.

They unite, inspire, and empower diverse leaders from across the world to embrace difference and act with integrity and courage, developing themselves and their organizations.


Executive Education, Peer Exchange, Personal Development, Transformational Leadership Development, and Conscious Leadership

Website - *developed in house by the Argonauts team


Launch General Brand Update v1

Prepare Brand Update v2

Help Organize and develop sub brands in parallel

Launch New Website incorporating the new style and new services.



- Brand values exploration exercises

- Brand System Map

- General Brand Guide

- Graphic assets

- Imagery Exploration

- Multiple logos/brand guides for channels

- Web Design

Logo Clean Up

We needed to modernize the existing logo, without loosing the essence, so after exploring several type and symbol variation options, we decided to go with the following.

Style Guide

  • Colors
  • Color Ratio
  • Typography
  • Custom Icons

Motion Design

Typography Applied


Workshop: Imagery Exploration


establish visual language, explore visual concepts and how to express them

We mapped different directions with keywords, black and white only first, to fully focus on ideas and textures

Team voting:

- with voting exercise dots for decision making

(each dot represents a member's vote)

Workshop Results:

Imagery and Visual Language Basics

Applied to Social media



and social media post template drafts

Workshop: Users & Brand System Map


Define brand system, characteristics, common points & differences

1 - Main brand personality 

We identified the core traits and values that defined our brand personality, which helped us communicate a consistent message to our audience.

By understanding our brand personality, we were able to create more effective marketing campaigns and develop a stronger brand identity that helped us differentiate ourselves from competitors and establish a unique position in the market.

2  - User Grouping

We organized our users based on their membership and interests in different parts of our website to better understand their needs and behaviors.

We found that users who were members and interested in certain parts of our website had unique behaviors and preferences compared to other groups.

By personalizing their experiences, we were able to increase engagement and improve overall satisfaction with our website.

3 - Sub Brands Grouping

Our sub brands were grouped to organize and differentiate our products or services within our brand portfolio.

4 - Sub brand exploration map

To visualize how each sub brand fit within the larger brand system and its relationships with others, we created a sub brand exploration map.

Sub Brand 1

The Missing Conversation



Sub Brand 2:


Channel and Podcast

Sub Brands - additional


collaborations of the Argonauts

Sub Brands - additional


within The Argonauts

Web Design


Web Design

About and Community