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Pre-Seed Startup


Goodbumps is an iOS app that helps users improve their mood and overall well-being through regular exercise. 

With a variety of exercise options and personalized reminders, Goodbumps makes it easy for users to establish a consistent routine and track their progress. 

By checking their mood before and after each exercise, users can visualize the positive impact of their workout and stay motivated to make exercise a regular part of their routine.


In a crowded market of exercise apps, we set out to create a branding identity that would capture users' attention and be instantly recognizable.

With a humorous name, we knew that our branding needed to be funny and fresh, while still being modern and approachable. 

Through the use of a simple and playful design, we created a branding identity that is both unique and memorable.

With a tight deadline to deliver the branding identity and start collecting user signups, we were thrilled to see over 200 users sign up.


- Brand Identity

- Logo Design

- Styleguide 

- Imagery Guide 

- Social Media Templates 

- Web layout

- Landing Page and Blog Page Design

- Screen UI Design

Brand Discovery

Our brand discovery process involved outlining various user personas representing different segments of potential users with unique fitness and exercise goals.

We did this to better understand our target audience and create a brand that resonates with them.

Symbol Design

The plus sign was chosen as a brand symbol for the exercise app due to its positive association with self-improvement and upward motion, creating a dynamic and energetic image. The double plus symbol, or "bump," also represents a way to "bump up" your mood through exercise, making it a fitting choice for the app's focus on well-being.

The rounded edges of the plus sign add to the sense of approachability and friendliness of the brand.




During the design we considered various color schemes before ultimately deciding on a combination of orange and yellow with a mostly white base.

These colors were selected for their warmth and radiance, which are often associated with the sun and sunshine.

By using these colors in the app's design, the team aimed to create a visual atmosphere that would encourage users to feel positive and energized about their workout, ultimately helping them to maintain consistency and build a sustainable exercise routine.


We opted for a sans serif, clean, and minimal typeface that also featured round edges.

This typeface was chosen for several reasons: first, its simplicity and readability makes it easy for users to quickly scan and understand the app's content, which is especially important during physical activity.

Second, the round edges of the font add a touch of warmth and friendliness to the app's design, which can help users feel more at ease when using the app.

Symbol and Logo Aplications

The simplicity and versatility of the double plus symbol made it easy to consistently incorporate it into all branding materials.

Imagery applications

Web Design

Landing Page to collect signups

(over 400 collected with v0.1)

Blog Section

- Design and Image selection

Web - Homage Cover

App - Main Screen Design