Green Mining Dao

Project Year:

launch 1 - 2021

launch 2 -2022

Business Size:


(1-10 employees)



Launch 1


- attract lead investors

- launch proof of concept

- secure initial funding

Launch 2:

- expand to B2C

- democratize investing in sustainable BTC mining


Launch 1

- brand identity

- website

- pitch deck

- custom icons

Launch 2

- website update

- extend brand identity

- scale identity

- NFT project

- additional marketing material


Launch 1

The goal of the first launch was to attract lead investors, secure initial funding, and launch the proof of concept facility

Imagery and overall feel

key illustration

custom icons

brand imagery

and illustration

Launch 2

After securing the initial investment, it was time to expand to a broader market, shifting the brand from a highly technical product to a more consumer friendly image.

launch 2

the new look and feel

the updated icon set

website details

website details

website details

GM 3

Next facility to be built

Logo and visualisation

business cards

we kept the darker feel for the insiders, team members, and investor areas

we also generated custom high quality, GMD branded ai avatars for each team member and core invsetor, which resulted in a successful social media campaign.

Each member update receied a lot of engagement and brought in several additional investors.

social media post templates