A good name can instantly get your customers attention, communicate your values and form an instant bond.

It is the basis of a good brand


Bump up your mood!

We wanted a clever name that captures the core of the brand.

The main mission of the app is to interpret healthy habits from the perspective of self mood regulation.

Meaning feeling better by doing small, consistent actions, and reinforcing positive habits.

We also needed a name that our audience could "feel".

After narrowing down our keywords and experimentations, we landed on goodbumps, which is a derivative of goosebumps, a visceral feeling, that connects to the core of our app: bumping moods in positive ways.

It's a memorable name, slightly quirky, with a funny tone, that is great for SEO as well.

You can view the live website at:


Rest And Work Smarter

We needed a name that captures both sides of productive energy of our app.

We wanted all this in one simple, memorable name, that can be broken into 2 parts.

The name also needed to be relatable and personal, so we built the brand around 2 characters, the two distinct personalities of productivity, an archetype of ease, smoothness and relaxation - Flo, relating to the word Flow, and Jo, a strong, focused character.


Faster data flow

Tableflow started as a combination of "airtable" and "webflow", the connection of two products that make website information management easier, and offers a better UX.

We decided to go with an easy name, that also combines two of the leading product names, since the app started with combining their core functionalities: airtable, and webflow - tableflow


Get stimmulated

Stimmul is an event management company, it's mission was to create a spark and stimulate it's surroundings.

The inspiration for the name came from the goddess “stimula”, the mother of Dionysus - god of festivity.

It matched the brands story well since the business model was to fund blend educational events through festivities.

The name is also easy to spell, remember, and visualize - with a symbol of a spark, and unique enough to have the domain available.