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Green Mining Dao - v2

Version 2 - A new Look

Aims to revolutionize the financial industry, but it's mission is to do it in a sustainable way.

After successfully raising funds for the pilot project it was time to scale the brand to include a broader market, this is our second iteration of the identity.

- green bitcoin mining, Switzerland

Helped Raise 1+ Million


- Identity Implementation, Extended Style Guide,

Web design, Custom Icons

- 2023

Green Mining Dao - version 1

The first iteration

Our go to market strategy was to reach out to early adopters first, so our first identity had a highly technical feel.
After successfully raising in the first round, we later updated our identity to include a broader market.


Decentraliced - helping sustainable organization leverage decentralized technologies for positive impact.

Decentraliced - helping sustainable organization leverage decentralized technologies.


- Identity, Logo Design, Style Guide,

Web design, Custom Icons

- 2021

- professional resume writing services, CA

Timeless - Still relevant after 6 years


- Identity, Logo versions, Final Logo, Style Tiles, Style guide

- 2017

easy CMS management solution


Identity, Logo Design, Style Guide


Logic Energy

Logic Energy is a sustainability-focused company that simplifies remote data collection for renewable energy systems. They now use their technology in various products, including IoT devices for construction, smart home systems, and educational content for schools.

- energy solutions, UK

Timeless - Still relevant after 7 years


- Identity, Logo Design, Style Tiles, Style Guide

- 2016


- Applied Cognitive Science Consultancy - US


- Brand Identity , Logo, Style Guide

Document Templates, Business Cards

- 2015


High Tech Biomass furnaces

Biosistem makes high-tech furnaces that use eco fuel like biomass.

Through their innovative design they can reach much higher burning temperatures than regular furnaces, leaving very little residue.

By using biomass they offer heating solutions that are environmentally friendly and cost effective also.

- hight tech biomass furnaces


- Brand Identity, Logo Design, Web Layout

- 2016